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RHYS | A versatile keyboard stand, monitor riser or laptop stand. Convert your desk to a standing desk.

Maximize your work space with our beautifully crafted ergonomic desktop solutions. A do it yourself standing desk for your laptop or keyboard, a monitor riser or a desk organizer. The all purpose modern shelf for home or office you didn't know you needed, until now.

Versatile, ergonomic solutions for a healthy work space.

Finding the right solution for a standing desk shouldn’t be a daunting process. Our products are a great way to break up with your chair and stand up for your health. Simply place the stand on top of your desk and use as a laptop stand.

Uniquely designed to vertically maximize space in small areas. Use as a monitor stand to create more desk space and raise your monitor to a comfortable height.

With multiple colors & heights you’re sure to find a piece that works for your setting and desired use.

Our Customers Love Us

I absolutely love this! I used to sit at work all day hunched over but now my posture is better and I have more energy. This is the perfect laptop, keyboard and all around stand. I have purchased several of them. Customer service is excellent. Highly recommended!
Chris L.
I am so happy with my new Rhys - It's light weight yet strong and so modern, exactly what I was looking for! I have three now. They are so versatile. Great design.
Nancy H. Protection Status


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