How To Look Good On Zoom

How To Look Good On Zoom

With lockdowns and remote working we’ve probably all been horrified looking into the video camera right before our first few zoom meetings. If the lighting is off or if your laptop camera or webcam is positioned where it is looking up at you, you’ve been caught with what many are calling Zoom face or Zoom chin. The unflattering angle of the camera can cause your face to look like you’ve gained ten pounds and have a double chin.

Many plastic surgeons have reported an increase in patients looking for solutions to a double chin just for this reason - even people with perfect chins are suffering. But, there’s an easier solution than plastic surgery. 

The easiest thing you can do is look up into your camera, not down. If you’re looking down at your camera the person on the other side of the call is looking up at you. This has been dubbed “nostril cam” and “chin cam”. How to position your camera at an advantageous height without contorting into an awkward yoga posture or having to use your laptop in an inconvenient location? 

Some people use a stack of books which works, but can be inconvenient and create unwanted clutter. We’ve seen a huge increase in sales of Rhys, our laptop and monitor stand. It’s simple and elegant enough to use in your home or office and sets your laptop, monitor and / or camera at a height that gives a more flattering view - where the camera is looking straight on or down at your face instead of up. This eliminates the look of the double chin and tends to make people look more attractive. 

Lighting also helps. Sitting in front of a window with the light on your face as opposed to behind you will get rid of unwanted shadows. Or, if you don’t have a window position a lamp in front of you. If that’s too bright, position the light facing a wall right in front of you. 

Adjusting the video settings on your camera can be a help as well. Zoom even came out with lighting filters where you can adjust lighting and backgrounds in the settings. 

For a simple solution to raise your laptop or monitor to a height that gives better video conferencing angles, check out Rhys, our minimal and modern laptop and monitor stand. Rhys is often used as a laptop stand for standing and working but with video conferencing becoming the norm, it's used more and more as a solution for video conferencing while sitting.

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