Why You Should Switch to a Standing Desk

Why You Should Switch to a Standing Desk

Convert your traditional office desk to an adjustable standing desk for better health

Thanks to technology many of us are stuck at a desk where we sit for long hours each day. It should go without saying - long hours of sitting isn’t good for your health. Scientists have confirmed that a sedentary lifestyle, often the result of a desk job, may contribute to multiple health issues like stroke, weight gain, diabetes, cancer, thyroid issues and depression. You may not have realized it prior to reading this but scientific evidence has shown - sitting for long hours can dramatically affect your health!

Sitting for too long can be deadly

Meetings, kids, activities, social affairs – sometimes life gets busy and we may not make time for exercise or physical activity. Most people are aware of the importance of being physically active, not only for physical health but also for mental wellbeing. Invigorating your body through physical activity oxygenates the blood and burns calories, among other things. If you are spending long hours sitting at a desk and don’t have time for exercise then you have reason to be concerned. It is imperative to be proactive so that a sedentary job does not negatively impact your health. Before your prolonged desk job becomes a reason for chronic disease, you can implement changes to offset effects of sitting all day.

What should you do if your job requires hours at a time in front of a computer? Ideally you would quit and spend more time outdoors moving around like our ancestors did. Alas, when our livelihood depends on work we do at a computer quitting usually isn’t an option. So what are your options? First and foremost, get up and move throughout the day. Try not to sit for extended periods of time. Stretch your limbs and take some deep breaths to get your blood flowing. And of course one of our favorite and easiest methods of creating a healthier office environment is switching to a standing desk.

Back pain & low energy be gone!

There are many benefits that adjustable stand-up desks / standing desk conversions offer. Several studies have proven the positive effects of working while standing. Many office workers complain of back pain due to prolonged amounts of time sitting down; those who use standing desks claim a significant improvement in back pain after a few weeks. Some workers attribute improved mood, higher energy levels, greater productivity and a reduction in job related stress from standing and working. Some also experience weight loss after working in a standing position for a portion of the day. Working while standing as a part of a less sedentary life style may also reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. While you may have been sitting all day, five days a week, for years, it’s never too late to invest in a standing desk as a lifestyle change towards better health. 

What do you have to lose?

Because of increases in health insurance premiums and greater interest in employer health and productivity, businesses across the country are replacing traditional desks with standing options. If desks are not actively being replaced employers are often willing to pay for a standing desk if requested so if you are interested in one it’s a great idea to run it by your employer! Additionally, studies show that standing burns an extra 100+ calories per hour! In a few weeks that amount of calories can add up to pounds lost. 

The easiest way stand up and work?

Over the past few years many options for standing desk and standing desk converters have come to market. Here are some of the options as well as pros and cons of different types of standing desks:

Replace your desk with a fully adjustable standing desk:


  • Electric or hand crank for ease of adjusting up and down for moving from sitting to standing


  • Most expensive option
  • Not many designs available; typically lack drawers and storage space
  • Hassle to move, sell, store or get rid of old desk

Standing desk converters:


  • You don’t need to replace your desk
  • This is especially useful if your desk has drawers and storage
  • Converters are typically more affordable than buying a new desk


  • Most conversions that sit on a desktop take up a lot of work space
  • Some are not adjustable in height and the user cannot readily move from a sitting to a standing position without moving the monitor
  • Aesthetics - most converters don’t look streamlined or elegant

Brixton Banks has designed one of the best looking and most versatile standing desk converters available. A simple and modern solution, Rhys is an affordable option that offers the benefits of standing and working without the draw backs of replacing your desk. The minimal design makes it one of the only solutions available that vertically increases work space and it is also one of the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing standing desk converters around.

If you’re sick of sitting all day check out Rhys by Brixton Banks. Your future health will thank you!

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